Technology Integration at Everett High School


As part of CEP 812, we began to explore technology integration in our settings. To see how our colleagues are integrating technology into their classroom, I had my colleagues take a survey. This survey asked them a variety of questions regarding how they use technology and what type of professional development they would like to help support them in using technology. The results of the survey were very illuminating. You can read about the results in this essay.

As I reflect on these survey results, I was floored by the amazing technology work my colleagues are doing in there classroom. What shocked me was that many of us are using similar technologies, but our building has done nothing to support these technologies. I wonder how can we build support for each other with in our building, so we don’t each have to discover the technology on our own?

I also was shocked to see that some of my colleagues felt they didn’t have a support system. I have always found our community super supportive, but I guess everyone doesn’t feel the same way. I wonder how we can build in a support network, so no one feels unsupported in their practice?


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